Struggling to Find the Best TV To Purchase?

Companies that supply outdoor kitchens, outdoor furniture, outdoor entertainment and landscaping have experience a steadily growing market during the past decade. We transfer to more tempered climates to enjoy the outside for longer stretches of time. In the colder upper states we see growth in outdoor living. Given that my expertise is in Audio Video samsung tv repair kent Integration I will focus this writing on a growing section of the market, backyard TV.Image result for plasma lcd led tv repair

Over my 20 year career in House and Commercial entertainment products outdoor TV screens proceeded to go from a tiny most of prosperous clients to basically a standard feature in every home. The desire to extend living space outdoors, watch the game while barbecuing some burgers or maybe watch a night time time movie while relaxing on your patio has been a driving pressure in the expansion of outdoor living products.

Going back to my early on experience with outdoor TV the only choice we got was to select an inexpensive TV, do our best to safeguard it from the elements and wish for the best as far as toughness and longevity. A few TV mounting manufacturers introduced protective outdoor enclosures but the pricing was very high and again only for the wealthy. When you combined the high price of Plasma or LCD TV’s at the time with the high price of the TV enclosure the cost became prohibitive for all but a few clients.

When putting a standard TELEVISION the expected lifespan of the TV was reduced due to moisture and particle infiltration in to the electronics and possible damage to the television from airborne debris. Some clients had great luck and their TV’s lasted for a few years. Many were not so lucky. That is one reason the market was restrained to the more wealthy clients who could afford to replace their outdoor TV when necessary. Of course TV manufacturers would void any guarantee on an indoor TV SET utilized in outdoor conditions. This particular is still the situation today.

The main change from what we have already discussed with option #1 is the huge reduction in the price of flat panel TV’s. Anyone who purchased one 10 years ago and has long gone shopping for a new TV has experienced this first hand. Beyond that the same potential issues still exist. If you choose this choice be prepared for the likelihood your TV may just go “poof” one day never to shine again. Ironically this of course will occur in the midsection of the game or during the climactic scene of the movie neither of which is a fun experience. I can’t tell you how many times we might get calls from clients whose TV’s decided to go wrong at the worst possible times.

Summary; for people that have a limited budget and which may have somewhat of a gambler in them this is the right solution. Simply keep in mind that the clock is ticking from the first day you mount your TV outside. I would recommend buying a new TV for your family room and moving the old TV outdoors. It will hurt a lesser amount of when it decides to go “poof” on you.

As the market for outdoor residing continued its growth a few companies introduced the Weatherproof TV. The waterproof TV provides an attractive personal contained package that fits nicely into most designs. Most of the waterproof TV models offered were from “value added manufactures”. They are manufacturing companies that take an already existing product and customize it for more specialized programs.

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